What is the Birinci Kalite Brand ?

   Birinci Kalite Brand  established in 2011 years  and We was received Patent Certificate in 2012 years in Turkey

   We are make seller and buyer between connections...We find from Factories or Companies Textile Garment Product Stocks, Textile 2.hand Machines or Fresh order offers.After we are send this offers at agent companies or buyer companies...If buyer companies interested with these offers, after we are start for sale procedures

   If you want we are make Advertising, Consultancy and PUBLICITY for your products at our web site.
   After your products we add website and, we make advertising and PUBLICITY your products at companies at the World...After we'll try for find NEW CUSTOMERS

   There are of Our Brand first rule, Trust Business
We will  grow together at the World (Seller-Buyer and Our Brand companies) 
So we have to do every time Trust Business, after We all make money win together

   Now there are in Our website approximately  total 30 million €uro  textile products and 2.hand Textile machine details.Our aim soon we are make in the Website online publish,  50 million €uro  products and 2.hand textile machines

   Fresh orders producing Factories or Large stock selling Companies, for business cooperation waiting replay 

   For more details please sent mail us at Contact address mail
E-mail address: 
For Machine and Product details           birincikalite@gmail.com 
For Corporate Offers                              birincikalite@birincikalite.com.tr

Turkish Names = Birinci Kalite, BirinciKalite, 1. Kalite
English Names = First Quality,   FirstQuality,  1. Quality